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You Asked, We Answered

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change my personal information?

Go to the offical website> Log in> My Office> Change my Info> confirm, then you're done.

What if I am not satisfied with Atomy?

With our No Obligation program, you are allowed to withdraw your membership at anytime.

Are there any limitations in subscribing to this site as a member?

People over the age of 18 may become a member. Registering more than once is prohibitive and will be subject to termination of both member ID. Center Leader should not allow for its individual member to join multiple times under difference ID's. Membership can be terminated at will by Atomy for misconduct. Atomy follows all rules and regulations (adopted before 2009) in accordance and in conjunction with Atomy Co Ltd. Applied retroactively to all active members.

How do I become a Member\ Cunsumer of Atomy Products?

You can subscribe online by clicking 'Join us' and entering a sponsor's membership ID and password. After you are logged in, fill out the registration information and receive your own Atomy Membership ID and password.

We will provide you with a member ID and guest password. 

Am I allowed to register a new Member via website?

No. Potential Members must input their own personal information. Any forced or involuntary registration will be null and void.

Are there any hidden fees?

Their are no hidden fees of any kind. It cost Zero (0) dollars to Join Atomy.

How do I receive commission?

Commissions are to be paid in the same system as in Korea, according to Atomy Marketing Plan. General Commission and Multi-Matching Bonus are to be paid every Tuesday upon the settlement of previous week’s sales closing: PVs and Scores earned upon total purchase volume from Wednesday through Tuesday in the previous week. Masters’ Bonus and Center Allowance are to be paid twice a month: 7th and 22nd every month upon half-month sales closings (1st Sales Closing: 1st through 15th & 2nd Sales Closing: 16th through the last day.)

* Once we receive the signed W-9 Form, we will send the entire commission amount without tax withholdings.  The Commission Check issued will be sent to the member by mail to the address on file unless direct deposit form is updated to Atomy America Inc. If you change your address, please contact customer support center (253-946-2344). 

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