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How-to Register Online

How to Register From Your Cell Phone


A Win | Win Opportunity

Atomy has only 2 groups, a left side group and a right side group, with unlimited point accumulation from each group. It don't matter if part of your group is in Korea, US, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, ext. All points are accumulated, and commissions will be distributed to you accordingly. 

We buy products, we use products, we use-up the products & we buy the products again. This is the basic routine for anyone buying daily necessity products.

Good Manners that Protect Good Morals

"Help enough people get what they want, and you'll get what you want." - Ziglar 

Compensation Plan for Beginners

CEO Han Gil Park

Attitude for Success

Binary Compensation Plan

Some network marketing companies may seem appealing because if you bring new members, you receive a commission, but that is only because those companies have registration and other fees. In that case, you are just directly taking part of the money that your friends or family have to pay out of their pocket. 

We are not in competition with other Network Marketing Companies, we're more so in competition with department stores, home shopping networks, etc. 

Atomy does not have ANY kind of fees because the products are something that everyone has to use. Your referred partners actually SAVE money by using premium quality products at our affordable prices. 

 We are Building Wealth as a TEAM

Mastership Achievers
How Atomy is Different
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Growth rate
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For all questions about registering, you can contact us here.

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