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Atomy is currently Korea, USA, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexcio (2017), Thailand, and is planning to open in 180 different countries in the near future.   

Things to Know: Services

Risk Free and No Purchase Requirements

The Future of Distribution Is Here

Are you ready to turn your daily necessities Into Economic Strength?


Great Products and Low-prices Breeds Success for Everyone!

In order to really succeed in the Atomy Business, everyone will need to work TOGETHER. Once you are registered as a member (free membership), you would be considered a Sponsor. 


Teamwork is very important because Atomy uses a binary system which is one of the simplest systems to use when Networking. The reason why it's simple because everyone is only working two (2) groups, or two sides (a left side and a right side. It wouldn't matter if that person is in the same country or different country, everyone is able to benefit from partners on their team.

*Since joining the Atomy business is FREE, commissions are NOT given to ANYONE who registers. The company simply makes money only off of its products sold.


...Not Your Ordinary Company

Unlike other network marketing companies, with Atomy, you are NOT REQUIRED to make monthly purchases to receive commissions from your down lines (upon eligibility). 

**With this company, your Personal (PV) points are accumulated over the lifetime of your membership. To maintain your membership one must only purchase one product a year. More info is provided on our Things to Know page. 

$$ DON'T DELAY, Start Creating Wealth With Us Today $$

Power of Synergy

Our Company Motto

Financial Freedom

With a kind spirit, and a keen vision backed by faith and the ability to be humble, we'll be able to help you achieve success through Atomy Synergy.

  • Cherish the Spirit

  • Create the Vision

  • Follow the Faith 

  • Serve in Humility


Moreover, we will continue to expand into new markets toward globalization. The goal is to distribute everything through Atomy.


Consumer Success System

Absolute Quality Absolute Price

All of our products are stamped with 100% Money Back Guarantee. We pride ourselves with going beyond customer happiness by fulfilling the Customers Success. So, if you use a product and don't like it, simply return it. One reason people love working with us is because we give back generously to the Consumer weather in Savings or Commissions. After experiencing our products, it'll be hard trying to go back to using the other stuff!..

A Healthy Mindset & Healthy Products for Everyone

Good Manners Protect Good Morals

Building Synergy Together!

We are in a Service Industry, and service is provided by servants, right!..  With noble self-esteem, we consider ourselves as servants who wish to serve you with warm hearts. Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exalted. 

Valuing our Customers is our priority. Our strategy is in place with a strict Code of Ethics. Honesty and Integrity is Key. 

Serve in Humility...

Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.

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